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APACD is a non-partisan association that actively builds and enhances the reputation of communicators across Asia-Pacific. The association helps to define the profession differentiating it from related professional groups and representing the interests of its members.

APACD provides a network for in-house communication, public affairs and PR directors and offers them various channels by which to exchange knowledge, experiences and opinions. It fosters cross-border partnerships and exchange between communicators, and provides relevant platforms for members to connect with each other — for example through its events, networks, services and media.

APACD membership helps provide further career options and paths in companies, institutions and associations across the Asia-Pacific region. In addition to helping with career planning, members can stay up to date with career opportunities along with training and professional development options.

APACD will establish Working Groups that are either industry or issue specific. These groups will organize workshops and meetings for members to discuss the latest developments and concerns in their field of expertise. In addition to develop new standards and guidelines, these groups bring a specialist focus to the issues of the day.

APACD will offer various CPD options,  seminars, roundtables, panel debates and campaign masterclasses. Members can also benefit from training sessions and mentoring opportunities.

In a region as diverse as Asia-Pacific, APACD will help members understand the cultural nuances of business in different markets. In addition, members benefit from the development of common principles of public relations, along with insight into the specific communications cultures of different Asian countries.

APACD uses various media channels to keep members updated on all relevant issues, practices and events. These include free PRovoke Premium Content subscription, regular email newsletters, member spotlight Q&As, and coverage of all APACD events.

APACD members can access the latest market intelligence and industry insights by downloading reports, case studies, white papers, standard contracts and job descriptions. They can also benchmark their teams and gain peer recognition for their work with exclusive discounts to the APACD Awards & SABRE Awards.

Member Benefits

Exclusive Network

Since 2014, APACD has provided a voice to more than 400 communications and public affairs directors across the Asia-Pacific region.

High-Level Events

In addition to the annual Asia-Pacific Communications Summit, enhance your career profile by chairing and taking part in regular roundtables, panels and webinars.

Need-to-Know Content

Members receive PRovoke Premium Content free of charge, along with regular newsletters, reports, white papers and interviews.

Award Recognition

Benchmark your team and gain peer recognition for your work with exclusive discounts to the APACD Awards & SABRE Awards.

Foster Professionalism

In an era of heightened ethical awareness, demonstrate your commitment to best practice by subscribing to APACD’s Charter.

Knowledge Sharing

Exchange ideas and benefit from the expertise and insight of your peers, via training, mentoring and networking.


Value of Membership

What do I actually get for becoming a member?

Special Offer

Join now! Only US$199 for in-house members

Join now and in-house members can get an annual membership for only US$199!

APACD Charter

Sign up to the APACD's code of conduct

In an era of heightened ethical awareness, demonstrate your commitment to best practice by subscribing to APACD’s Charter.

Premium Content

Critical industry intelligence & briefings.

Receive industry news and commentary thanks to our exclusive partnership with PRovoke Media, providing you with access to PRovoke Premium Content, worth US$199pa.

Country Networks

Local debates, meetings & social gatherings.

Network your way to success at our local chapter events across the Asia Pacific region. Our local market chapters gather members together to share ideas and best practice, while enhancing their connections.

Asia-Pacific Communication Summit

The communications industry's most important regional gathering.

Members receive discounted entry to the Asia-Pacific Communication Summit, which has has merged PRovoke's Asia-Pacific Summit and convenes leading communicators & agency specialists to chart the evolution of the industry.

Awards Programmes

Benchmark your teams and work against the best.

Members receive discounted entry & attendance to the APACD Awards, recognising the best in-house teams & professionals in the region, and the SABRE Awards, recognising the best communications work in the region.


Find the best talent and roles in the region.

Enhance your career profile by taking part in regular events. Source new staff members or find yourself a new job, by using the PRovoke jobs board at a discounted price.


Be at the cutting edge of industry discussions

From virtual webinars to local roundtables and regional summits, our events are the perfect forum to build knowledge, further your connections and enhance your profile.

Working Groups

Specialist focus on markets, industries, practice areas & issues.

Join one of our specialist groups, forums, and committees and play an important part in driving thought and discussion around your particular area of expertise.

Next 20

Examine future opportunities & challenges.

Members' thought leadership is showcased in PRovoke's Next 20 regional roundtable series, which charts opportunities and challenges facing the public relations industry.

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Full Time Member

For full time in-house communications professional in a company, association, institution or another organisation active in the Asia-Pacific region.

Discounts for NGO employees also available.

Supporting Member

For those that wish to support APACD and benefit from its unique network (eg agency/supplier or freelance professional in the field of communications and/or public affairs). Please contact us for full pricing options & benefits.

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Years Established

APACD has been representing in-house communicators since 2014.


APACD has provided a voice to more than 400 communications and public affairs directors across the Asia-Pacific region.


APACD members are drawn from more than 23 countries and markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

If you have any queries, please contact us.