APACD Charter

The Asia-Pacific Association of Communication Directors (APACD) exists to both serve and shape the communications profession. Our statutory basis, including our Mission and Articles of Association can be found here.

The following points serve as the APACD Charter, setting out its beliefs and code of conduct:

We support our members, promote our profession, enhance standards, and encourage the ethical, legal, responsible, honest, competent and tactful behaviour of all communications professionals. We believe that the communications professional has a critical role to play when it comes to managing the relationship between an organization and the people upon whom it depends for success and with whom it interacts  and ensuring that those relationships facilitate the organization’s strategic objectives.

We believe that behaviour is the most important factor in relationship-building, rather than just communications or messaging. We agree that communications executives must take a neutral approach to all channels and delivery systems, whether earned, shared, owned or paid.

We believe that the proper role of the senior communications executive inside an organization is to make sure that the reputational or relationship implications of any policy or decision are considered as thoroughly as the financial, operation and legal implications.

We ensure that the information we provide to our stakeholders, including colleagues, suppliers, the public and the media, is as transparent and accurate as possible, and conduct ourselves in a spirit of transparency.

We believe that communications executives serve as an organisation’s conscience, rather than being narrowly defined to promote a specific set of interests above others. Accordingly, we encourage our employers to behave with consideration to their social responsibilities.

We accept responsibility for our work and its results, remaining accountable to both our employers and the public we serve.

Our members confirm that they will only use APACD platforms for networking purposes and refrain from using members contact data or APACD events for commercial and sales activities, unless permission from the APACD board has been expressly granted to the contrary.

The communications profession has never been more important to a company’s purpose, culture and strategy. Become a member of APACD and help advance our profession across the Asia-Pacific region.